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Get Involved: Student Special Interest Group Executive Board
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The Student Special Interest Group provides a means for student members to meet, confer, and promote the interest of students within the IPTA and APTA.  Volunteers are elected to the Executive Board on an annual basis.


Report to: The IPTA Board of Directors. Written reports to the Board of Directors should be submitted as specificed in the SSIG Bylaws, and as requested.

Executive Board Composition & Term: The SSIG Executive Board is comprised of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Special Events Coordinator.  Each are elected to a one year term beginning January 1.  No one may serve in the same position for more than two consecutive years. 

Position Objective: The Executive Board is charged with ensuring that the functions and obligations as stated in the SSIG bylaws are met.

The functions of the SSIG shall be to:

  • Provide for the exchange of information between SSIG members concerning issues confronting the profession of physical therapy;
  • Identify and respond to areas of concern related to SSIG members; Promote the role of physical therapist and physical therapist assistant students;
  • Promote membership in and understanding of the Association, Chapter, APTA Student Assembly (SA) and SSIG among students enrolled in Physical Therapist and Physical Therapist Assistant programs within the Illinois.
  • Represent the interests of SSIG members before the official decision-making bodies of the Chapter, Association and other components;
  • Assist the Chapter and the Association in furthering the profession of Physical Therapy in the state of Illinois;
  • Support the provisions of Association and Chapter bylaws, policies and other enactments; and.
  • Serve as a communication portal for students with other students and members of the Chapter, the Association and the SA.

The Student Special Interest Group is required to:

  • Provide annually and upon request a report on their activities and financial status to the Chapter Board of Directors.
  • Hold at least one membership meeting annually. Conduct its affairs in accordance with its bylaws and the bylaws of the Chapter.
  • Maintain complete and accurate financial records. The IPTA Finance Committee will audit financial records annually.
  • Further the object and functions of the Chapter as set forth in its Bylaws.

Benefits: Serving in leadership may provie experiences that will help you in your profession.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • President
    • Preparing agendas for all SSIG and Executive Board meetings, preside at the meetings of the SSIG and the Executive Board, and shall prepare the annual report and any other reports as requested by the Chapter.
    • Serve as the designated spokesperson of the SSIG.
    • Represent the SSIG at the Chapter’s Assembly of Representatives.
  • Vice President
    • Assume the duties of the President at the request of the President or in the absence or incapacitation of the President, and oversee SSIG committees as well as assists the President in the conduct of the SSIG activities and assignments.
    • Responsible for compliance of bylaws and reporting bylaw changes to the BOD.
    • Represent the SSIG at the Chapter’s Assembly of Representatives.
  • Secretary
    • Coordinate the development of a slate of qualified candidates for election as SSIG officers.
    • Responsible for keeping the minutes of all SSIG and Executive Board meetings; submitting all meeting minutes to the Chapter office; notify SSIG members of the date, time, and place of SSIG meetings, maintain the SSIG’s archives and correspondence.
    • Represent the SSIG at the Chapter’s Assembly of Representatives.
  • Treasurer
    • Prepare an annual budget based on available funds, and make a written report to the SSIG membership at the SSIG meetings and to the Board and Chapter upon request.
    • Represent the SSIG at the Chapter’s Assembly of Representatives.
  • Special Events Coordinator
    • Oversee programming of meetings and activities/events.
    • Represent the SSIG at the Chapter’s Assembly of Representatives.

The duties of the Exectuive Board are:

  • Attend scheduled and special meetings of the SSIG Board.
  • Carry out the mandates and policies of the SSIG as determined by the membership.
  • Direct all business and financial affairs for and on behalf of the SSIG.
  • Foster the growth and development of the SSIG. Direct and determine the priority of all activities and expenditures in fulfillment of the SSIG Purpose and Function.
  • Create and appoint task forces or committees needed to carry out the functions of the SSIG.
  • Review and revise SSIG policies and Bylaws as needed.

Time Commitment: The SSIG is required to meet once annually.  The Executive Board is required to meet no less than twice a year.  Additional time commitments vary based on the activities of the SSIG.

Qualifications: Must be an IPTA SPT or SPTA member in good standing for at least three months preceeding taking office.

Training and Support: The Chapter office provides annual volunteer orientation as well as ongoing administrative and clerical support for the SSIG.  Access to resource documents and information is available through

Recourse: The IPTA places great value on the relationship between members, staff, and businesses working together to further our mission. The IPTA also recognizes that there may be occasions when conflicts arise. If such circumstance occurs, please consult with the IPTA President and Executive Director.

Evaluation: The IPTA BOD President will contact you before the completion of your term for feedback on your volunteer experience. This will be used to update this job description, develop appropriate materials, and effectively orient future IPTA volunteers.


If you are interested in being considered for election to the SSIG Executive Board, please complete the online statement of interest or call the Chapter office at 630.904.0101.



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