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REVITALIZE 2018: Supplier Information & Guidelines
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Illinois Physical Therapy Association
REVITALIZE Conference & Expo

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Supplier Information & Guidelines
(Q Center)


Trade show will be on Saturday, April 14, 2018 from 11am- 2pm and will be held in the Fox River Ballrooms 3, 4,5,6.



  • Trade show: Vendors will be allowed to access the ballrooms for early setup on Saturday, April 14, 2018 from 8am-10am. There will be no exceptions to this time. Q Center will move your materials to the trade show floor from the dock area if needed. If you are arranging for a 3rd party to set-up your exhibit display, please notify Matthew Nicholas as soon as possible.
  • All exhibit materials must be packed immediately after the trade fair ends at 2:15 pm on Saturday, April 14, 2018. No materials may be left in the ballrooms.
  • Please contact Matthew Nicholas with any questions at

Shipping and Dock Hours:

7:00AM – 6:00PM Monday – Friday;
7:00AM- 4:00PM Saturday
Outbound shipping will be shipped the next Business Day (Monday)


Dock Entry  Dock Height – 48 inches from ground
Dock Door Opening – 9 feet high x 10 feet wide
Maximum height allowed – 8 feet high
Dock Doors Leading to the Ballrooms Door Height – 82 inches tall
Door Opening – 66 inches wide
Dock Equipment Available Upon Request Two (2) pallet jacks for loads up to 2,500 lbs. each
Dock leveler plate
Rolling flat beds for ease of moving materials from dock to rooms.
Ballroom Doors Door Height – 100 inches tall
Door Opening – 62 inches wide
Elevator Measurements & Weight Limits E Elevator (E Building, near Fox River Ballrooms)
4 feet wide x 7 feet tall opening
5 feet wide x 8 feet tall inside; 7.5 feet deep

D2 Elevator (by Parlor Rooms)
3.4 feet wide x 7 feet tall opening
4 feet wide x 7.5 feet tall inside; 6.7 feet deep

*Up to 3,500 lbs. weight limit on all elevators. *


  • All non-standard deliveries and pick-ups must be scheduled in advance.
  • Supplier must provide labor and equipment to receive and load products and materials during the load-in/ load-out process involving private deliveries.
  • Work required between 6:00PM and 7:00AM weekdays and any time on weekends may require additional security personnel or facility support for which Q Center may charge.

Inbound shipping information
To ensure materials are easily recognizable, please follow these instructions when addressing materials.

  • Please forward a list of materials you will be shipping to No later than Monday, April 9, 2018.
  • Click here to download the Q Center Shipping Form
  • Please include the type of packaging used, i.e., individual packages, pallet, etc… If you are hand carrying materials and need to use the dock, please notify Marjorie Fierro of your arrival date and time. Please submit all scheduled material information by  Monday, April 9, 2018.
  • A Bill of Lading must be supplied for all exhibit materials delivered to Q Center. Third party shipping companies must send drivers with identification and paperwork displaying what they are dropping off or picking up. Materials will not be released from the Q Center dock without proper identification and paperwork from the driver. This could result in a delay in delivery and/or storage fees for leaving exhibits on Q Center’s dock.
  • All materials must be scheduled for arrival at Q Center no earlier than Wednesday, April 11, 2018. A shipping label will be provided to you in advance of the Tradeshow event.
  • The following rates will be charged (to the exhibitor) for any items over 40 pounds:
    • 40 lb - 100 lbs: $100.00
    • 100 lbs- 200 lbs: $150.00
    • 200 lbs - 300 lbs: $200.00
    • 300 lbs - 400 lbs: $250.00
    • 400 lbs + : $400.00
    • *Mandatory $65.00 an hour (in addition to quoted charges for highlighted weights) for dedicated support & Labor charges for all items. 1 hour minimum per person. All dollar amounts are per item.
  • Please include the following information on the Shipping Label

    Sender Name:
    Company Name and Phone Number
    Your Company Rep at Q Center:
    Name of person from your company who will be on-site at Q Center
    On-site Rep phone number (for help answering questions about materials)
    Meeting Date:
    Number of Boxes:  Indicate (         of  total number )
    Classroom Location: Include exact room location and where materials should be delivered

Outbound shipping information

  • All materials for outbound shipment must be boxed, sealed and labeled properly by the exhibitor.
  • Shipping labels must include a shipping account number as the exhibitor will incur the shipping charges.
  • Leave all boxes for shipment in your display area to be picked up by Q Center staff.
  • Notify Q Center staff immediately if you have left materials in a meeting room you will need shipped out.
  • ALL EXHIBIT DISPLAYS must leave Q Center at the end of the tradeshow on Saturday, April 14, 2018 no later than 4:00PM.
  • Notify Q Center in advance if you have arranged for a 3rd party to pick-up your shipment. Make sure they have a copy of the Bill of Lading at pickup time.
  • Any boxes found without a return shipping label will need to be destroyed, including contents.



  1. Facility will make every effort to support Supplier storage needs. Supplier should plan to have materials arrive no sooner than one (1) week in advance of Client’s Event start. Supplier should also plan to store its own equipment and materials off-site when not in use at Facility. All materials should be picked up from Facility no later than (1) day after show.
  2. Floor, Walls, Doors and Ceilings – The following policies and standards apply to mounting or fixing of items to Facility floors, walls, doors and/or ceilings. The cost of any repairs required as a result of actions by Supplier will be the sole responsibility of the Supplier.
  3. Refuse and Recycling – All packing materials, refuse and recyclable materials must be removed from the Facility promptly. Facility’s bins, dumpsters, docks, compactors and rolling stock equipment are off-limits to all Supplier usage. On departure, all space must be returned to a clean condition consistent with initial first occupancy.
  4. Elevated Lifts – The use of elevated lift equipment is the exclusive responsibility of certified Facility personnel or their designees
  5. Cables and Cords – All cables and cords must be installed properly to prevent any potential trip hazards. No cords may span a doorway or cross a threshold without being installed in or covered by an approved cable trough. Any other cables or cords must be secured using Facility-approved products.
  6. Audio Infrastructure – Patching Supplier-provided audio equipment into Facility’s house audio/visual infrastructure is strictly prohibited. Any equipment, booths and screens must be properly draped and all cables/cords must be secured per Facility standards.
  7. Outside Food and Beverage – Facility is the sole provider of all food and beverage products, including alcohol.
    No Supplier can bring in any food, beverages or related products for group consumption or use for any reason.
  8. Laws, Codes and Ordinances – Facility strictly adheres to all federal, state and local laws, codes and ordinances, particularly those related to life safety. Facility expects that Suppliers will likewise observe such regulations. Examples include but are not limited to the following:
    1. Room occupancy limits must be strictly followed. b.    Elevator weight limits must be strictly followed.
    2. All parties must secure required permits and licenses, if applicable.
    3. All doorways and emergency exits must remain clear at all times to provide emergency egress.
      Nothing can be placed within eight (8) feet of any doorway.
    4. Tampering with or attaching anything to life safety devices (e.g. pull stations, smoke detectors, sprinkler heads, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, AEDs) is strictly prohibited. Such devices must remain visible and accessible at all times.
    5. All individuals must immediately vacate the premises via the nearest emergency exit when fire alarms sound.
    6. Individuals must cooperate fully with emergency responders and Facility personnel in the event of any emergency situation.
    7. The use of any pyrotechnical or smoke-emitting device is strictly prohibited.
    8. The use of any haze or fog machine is acceptable provided Facility and local fire officials approve such
      use in advance.
    9. The use of any open flame is strictly prohibited.
    10. The use of any materials as wall coverings or decorative items must adhere to all fire code requirements and receive advanced written approval of Facility personnel.
  9. Other Personal Information– Individuals working at Facility understand that for access to the property, adherence to its work rules and policies is required. At a minimum. all parties must do the following:
    1.  Wear valid Facility-issued identification badges at all times. Badges must be visible at all times.
    2. Display Facility-issued parking permits on the rearview mirror or dashboard of their vehicles.
      a.    The Facility may ask for non-standard vehicles to remain parked in a designated area.
    3. Adhere to posted speed limits, traffic signage, parking rules and regulations, particularly those related to fire lanes and handicap-accessible parking spaces.
    4. Immediately report any damage to Facility property to Facility Security personnel
    5. Agree that removal of any Facility property or property of any guest or employee will result
      in immediate action by the Facility.
    6. Agree that firearms, knives and other dangerous weapons are not permitted on Facility property
    7. Only smoke in designated external areas as permitted by Illinois law

Should you require any assistance or have any questions regarding information described in this document, please contact Matthew Nicholas at

Or: Marjorie Fierro, Conference Planning Manager at 630.444.4063 or



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