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SSIG Candidates for 2018-2019 Executive Committee
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We are very pleased to announce the candidates for the 2018-2019 SSIG Executive Committee


Voting for the SSIG Elections opens on March 21st and will close at 11:59 pm on April 5th. Results will be published on April 12th and those elected into position will take office on June 1st, 2018.


Voting is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

1. Go to the voting site:

2. Log in by entering your last name and your APTA member number.

3. Follow the online instructions to cast your ballot.

Using your APTA member number ensures that your vote is unique to you and can only be cast once. Once cast, it is anonymous in the system.


Your vote matters. Voting is the most powerful way for you to have a voice in who serves in leadership and where you see the IPTA heading.

Best of luck to all candidates!

*** All candidates appear in order of positions & alphabetically

Executive Committee Positions





2nd year student at Midwestern University



Why do you wish to run for this position?

"I'm running for President of SSIG because I believe as students we have a unique perspective that we can contribute to IPTA. I chose PT as a career path because I love the idea that it is an always changing field. Every day allows for new challenges and learning opportunities. On the one hand, there is exciting new research and technology developed every day. On the other, every single patient brings new experiences to the table. As students we are the fresh faces to the PT profession much like a new patient or new research is like to our practice. We bring new experiences and perspectives that help to shape the PT profession of tomorrow. The opportunity to influence the future of our profession is truly exciting to me. 

As President of SSIG, I look forward to working with and learning from other students from different universities across Illinois. To the SSIG I will bring my positive energy and passion for what I do. I am organized, responsible, and welcome the challenge of new projects. If elected, I look forward to the opportunity to not only represent students but to help put together great experiences for us to learn and grow from. Thank you for your consideration. "

A little bit about Jeni:

"I grew up in California and majored in Sociology at the University of California, Los Angeles. I really enjoy working with and talking to different people. Some of my past volunteering experience includes delivering meals for Meals on Wheels and serving on the Disaster Action Team for the Red Cross. I moved to Chicago about three years ago because I wanted to experience the changing seasons and I absolutely love it here. 

My little nephew very recently said to my sister "Jeni a-yi (aunt) is very energetic!" I had to smile as I sit here trying to describe myself because it made me think of him. I've never thought of myself as "energetic" but I guess the little guy isn't wrong. My sister was showing him pictures of me climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and scuba diving in Zanzibar over winter break. I love exploring new things and will try just about anything new two times. Camping, hiking, snowboarding, white water rafting, skydiving, scuba diving, running marathons...I pretty much like to get outdoors as much as I can. My next big adventure is backpacking in Yellowstone in the spring!"




2nd year student at Northern Illinois University



Why do you wish to run for this position?

"We have seen a student body committed to going forth and setting the standard for physical therapy through academics, and community engagement. It would be an honor to serve this incredible community. As I have worked with fellow NIU classmates, I want to continue working with fellow Illinois SPT's to promote excellence at the base of our profession. I believe a commitment to the values presented by student government can make a difference for future students and ultimately PT's in the future of our field. "

A little bit about Ryan:

"Currently, I am very involved in the physical therapy profession. With today’s technology, there is an assortment of resources I utilize to keep involved in the profession. I like to listen to podcast, watch videos, and use social media to stay up to date with the latest news and information. I have many favorite podcasts including PT inquest, PT insiders, The physical therapy business school, PT Pint-cast, healthy wealthy and smart, and PT on ICE. Each podcast has a different way of presenting new material, some use the latest research, some are interviews and others are just talk shows for students. On social media, I follow people on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and snapchat. Twitter is a great way to see what the leaders in the profession are thinking about each diagnosis. Facebook and Instagram are great ways to see new material and visual displays of how patients move anatomically. Snapchat is really good for app for quiz questions and for watching videos of patients moving. I watch various YouTube channels where they explain PT interventions and test to consider for evaluations. I really enjoy being around Physical therapy and thrive on new information or different ways of thinking.

I have a passion for physical therapy and, an interest in the business. I think this is what sets me apart from most other students, however, I also believe it gives the best chances making a difference for students. If elected I would be excited to make a meaningful change for the PT and PTA students of Illinois. "




2nd year student at University of Illinois at Chicago



Why do you wish to run for this position?

"Throughout my time as a student, I've come to gain an expanded appreciation for the scope of physical therapy and the impact it can have on our eventual patients. This impact is fueled at its most basic level by the hard work and dedication shown by our collective student body. We put in long hours, endure stressful testing, and continually strive for knowledge because we share a common belief - That movement is medicine, and it can best be delivered by physical therapists. As a student, I was elected class representative of my PT cohort. I’ve contacted legislators on Dry Needling and Direct Access and traveled to Springfield with the IPTA to advocate for our profession. As IPTA SSIG president, I will work tirelessly to amplify the power of student therapists in advocating for the profession that we will soon join, and one that we have invested immense resources in. Students deserve a voice that will represent our ideas and passions to advocate and grow our profession. I would be honored to be that voice. Thank you. "

A little bit about Ryan:

"I'm an insatiable reader, and a far too interested in politics for my own good. I'm a huge nerd when it comes to science (especially Physiology) but I love to deep dive into random topics as well, anything from computer code to economics. I work on a PT news podcast in my spare time (Talus Media News, check it out!) and represent my PT classmates to try and get more equitable student representation in our PT program. I'm a recovering meathead and former strength and conditioning coach, and I love to explore craft breweries in Chicago. "





2nd year student at University of Illinois at Chicago



Why do you wish to run for this position?

"I  would like to run for the position of VP because I would like to promote advocacy within the student PT population. I am passionate about improving our profession and improving the lives of our future patients. I want to be part of a group of individuals that is working to get our fellow students engaged in our profession through research, mentoring, and legislative advocacy. I wish to promote relationships for students across PT programs and across other medical professions. I look forward taking on a leadership role within a profession I am so passionate about."

A little bit about Geena:

"I am originally from Michigan and studied Movement Science and Women’s Studies at the University of Michigan. I moved to Chicago to study at University of Illinois at Chicago for PT school. My time here has been both exciting and challenging, and I look forward to doing my next two clinicals in outpatient orthopedics and wound care. I am a feminist who loves to cook and eat vegetarian food. In my free time I also enjoy reading and listening to podcasts. I am passionate about women’s health and I am very interested in pursing a career in pelvic floor PT. "




1st year student at Northwestern University



Why do you wish to run for this position?

"I am honored to be nominated for the position of Vice President for the SSIG. I would love to serve fellow students and increase future physical therapist involvement in legislation at the state and national level. As a lifelong athlete and our training to become experts in human movement, my goal is to increase student understanding and participation in the legislative process.

After attending PT Day in Springfield in February, I realized how simple it was to contact and speak with legislators about advancing our field. It was astounding the number of times legislators were unsure of the main role of Physical Therapists. Meeting with lawmakers and putting democracy into action, I am inspired to spread the word to my peers through co-hosting a National Advocacy Dinner to continue the conversation and help others understand the process as well. 

As the SSIG Vice President, my goal is to:
1. Provide my colleagues with tools to be informed and perpetuate change regarding the future of Physical Therapy, extending past Vision 2020.
2. Work with and support my fellow teammates to prepare current students to be active professionals as PTs and PTAs

With experience as a collegiate athlete, educator, and coach, as Vice President I am prepared to encourage the SSIG leadership team and motivate other PT & PTA students to take an active role in the future of our profession."

A little bit about Kathryn:

"Kathryn holds a Master of Science in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Strength & Conditioning from California State University, Fullerton. Through active involvement at the Center for Sport Performance, she conducted research in sport performance and muscle physiology. She hopes to continue research in quantification of strength measures in the clinical setting and promote resistance training interventions in chronic disease, bridging the gap between research and application. 

Kathryn enjoys traveling in the USA and abroad, connecting with people, and learning from other cultures. She can be found volunteering at her church, trying coffee shops around Chicago, and experimenting with her Insta-Pot - Meal prep is essential for PT school! Her goal for summer, before heading to her first rotation, is to do stand up paddle boarding on Lake Michigan! 

In addition to the IPTA/APTA, she is a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association with a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) certification."





1st year student at Northwestern University

Why do you wish to run for this position?

"The profession of physical therapy is changing. We are privileged to be taking on central roles in healthcare leadership and are making a broader impact on our communities and society. As physical therapists, we are trained to inhabit these roles very well. While breaking down problems with scientific precision, we are also able to step back to see the big picture—the social, economic, and institutional factors that come into play. We use these skills to advocate for our patients each day. We must, however, bring them beyond the walls of a clinic in order to fight for the health, wellness and quality of life of our patients in every context. We must also advocate for ourselves, our rights and responsibilities as doctors of physical therapy. Not only does this advance our profession, but failing to do so would be a disservice to our patients. I want to be involved in the Student Special Interest Group in order to learn more about these possibilities, and to jumpstart my lifelong engagement in physical therapy advocacy. My strengths lie in communication, organization and attention to detail. I may not be the face of a movement, but I am sending emails, reaching out to donors, and asking colleagues to share their knowledge and skills. My past experiences have required me to recruit and organize hundreds of volunteers, implement fundraising strategies, draft and utilize a departmental budget, and facilitate board meetings and events. I am excited for the opportunity to use these in the position of 2018-19 SSIG Secretary/Treasurer."

A little bit about Lindsay:

"I am new to the Midwest, having spent the first half of my life in New Jersey and the second in Virginia. While I miss the coast, I am finding lake Michigan to be a nice substitute. Like most physical therapy students, I enjoy staying active. Yoga and running have been my longtime loves, but I have become more interested in strength training since learning about all of the beautiful muscles of the human body this year. I am looking forward to spending my first full summer in Illinois, so that I can explore more of the state by hiking in the outdoors. In my undergraduate program at the University of Virginia, I studied Human Biology and Studio Art. I geek out on topics like bioethics, public health, race/gender/disability studies, and even art history. I have been trying my best to apply this material to all that I am learning about physical therapy. Within art, I concentrated on photography, a discipline that incorporates so many layers of understanding—physical, chemical, spatial and historical elements all play a role. Shortly after I began PT school, I signed up for an American Sign Language class, and have been grateful for the opportunity to focus some mental energy outside of DPT classes. I also love to travel. After years of working in Vietnamese restaurants, I finally made a trip to Vietnam last Spring. The food alone put it to the top of my list of countries I have visited, but the sights, culture, and its history were just as rich. "




2nd year student at University of Illinois at Chicago

Why do you wish to run for this position?

"I would like to run for secretary/treasurer because of the passion I have developed for the physical therapy profession. I would like to be involved in promoting advocacy to the student population and help provide an understanding of what advocacy means. It would be exciting to be a part of a group of students who have the same passion that I do for physical therapy. I would love to run for this particular position as I love being organized and want to be a part of preparing financials for the SSIG. I have been heading financials for a private business for a few years now and help to assist sports teams in budgeting their money. The passion I have for physical therapy will only grow with this active role of maintaining the notes of each meeting. I would love to take on this role because of my organizational skills and enthusiasm for our profession."

A little bit about Alexis:

"I am from Northwest Indiana and have been going to school in Chicago for the past 5 years. Although it is a challenge to navigate around Chicago, I love finding new restaurants to try different food. I am currently interested in outpatient orthopedics and pediatrics and am looking forward to my next 2 clinical rotations in outpatient orthopedics. I have found a passion for manual therapy and am excited to delve more into the topic. 
I enjoy reading, listening to podcasts, and working out. I have recently become obsessed with yoga and hope to incorporate it into my practice. I love the outdoors and enjoy kayaking when the weather is not too cold! I also have a love for sports and continue to coach softball to all ages. "




1st year student at South College

Why do you wish to run for this position?

"I believe that student involvement within the IPTA is imperative to personal success and benefit of our future patients. With an ever changing field, it is important for SPT's to network, continue to develop professional skills and stay engaged in the Physical Therapy world. I have previously served in many leadership roles that have prepared me for the position of Secretary/Treasurer for the SSIG Executive Committee such as Treasurer and Vice President. I have a strong passion for leadership and service and am eager to be more involved in the IPTA. Due to my passion for service, organization and efficiency skills as well as my professionalism, I believe that I would be a good candidate for this position serving as the Secretary/Treasurer. Thank you for your consideration!"

A little bit about Rebecca:

"I was born and raised in a small southern suburb of Chicago, made famous by the man Nick Offerman. I come from a large family of seven and love to travel around the country with my family with only 8 states left to travel to in the U.S. I am a former collegiate women's soccer player who still has a strong passion for fitness with both lifting and running. I have a Bachelor's in Athletic Training and a Master's in Sports Medicine. I am an absolute book nerd and enjoy reading books related to the healthcare profession and historical fiction. I am enthusiastic about service and professional growth, and in my first year as a DPT student have organized a Fundraiser 5k Race to support StandUp: The Haiti Project and am the founder of a book club within my cohort. I am extremely passionate about Physical Therapy and am excited for my future career!"





1st year student at Midwestern University



Why do you wish to run for this position?

"I've been a SSIG Student Liaison for a few months now and I have really enjoyed my role thus far. I want to stay involved in the IPTA, and I think that progressing into the executive committee would be a great transition. As a well organized and creative individual, I believe I'd thrive in the role of special events coordinator. I'm excited to be a part of the IPTA SSIG and hope to be able to promote positive change within our profession in the coming years! "

A little bit about Melina:

"I'm a first year DPT student at Midwestern University in Downers Grove, IL. I'm still deciding what I want to specialize in as a PT, but I think I want to go into orthopedics and work with dancers and athletes, as these disciplines fascinate me. In my free time, I enjoy baking, traveling with my fiance, and hiking with my 10 month old black lab, Sirius! I've lived in the Greater Chicago-land area for over 5 years now and have loved every minute of it."





1st year student at Fox College



Why do you wish to run for this position?

"After meeting Jason (current SSIG SPTA Director), I felt that being in PTA school is not just about waiting for graduation. It is more than that, and having a person who will represent you while in the program is a big deal because you get this feeling that you are not in side bench. I want to be the next Jason, I want to represent the students of PTA and I want to let them feel that choosing this career is one if the best decision that they ever had!"

A little bit about Jackie:

"I was born and raised in the Philippines and came here July of 2014. Being an outsider, I wanted to be a part of something. I started working at Marianjoy as a housekeeper and that’s where I knew what I wanted to do in life. I transferred from being a housekeeper to being a tech and instantly fell in love with Physical Therapy. Now, I’m few months in to a PRA program and I’m enjoying every single moment of it!!! I also love going outdoors, watching movies and musicals, and a lot of fun things with friends and family!!"

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