Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy: Practical Interventions & Personalized Planning


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Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy:  Practical Interventions & Personalized Planning

Presented By : Jane Yakel, M.S., CCC-SLP

Course Description:
This informative educational offering, led by veteran Speech-Language Pathologist Jane Yakel, presents evidence-based techniques, strategies, and interventions for all levels of cognitive loss. Whether a patient presents with a high-level (mild) cognitive impairment, requiring a cognitive structural change, or a low-level (severe) cognitive deficit, requiring a skilled enhancement approach, this class offers successful, practical treatment techniques easy to implement in any care setting. This offering also emphasizes the importance and effectiveness of creating highly individualized treatment strategies and provides attendees with the needed skills to choose and adapt techniques into tailored, personalized therapy plans. Active case studies are examined and participants are encouraged in class to design a patient profile with therapy interventions and goal documentation.

The purpose/goal of this activity is to explore evidence-based interventions for adults and children with high- or low-level cognitive impairments and gain hands-on practice developing personalized therapy plans. Learn to effectively bridge the gap between theory and practice! Objectives:
Identify the "Levels of Awareness” and discuss intervention techniques that facilitate patient awareness. Assess principles and techniques that increase a patient’s selfefficacy and ownership of his or her treatment program. Discuss how to incorporate "meaning” into everyday therapeutic tasks, ultimately increasing functional outcome goals. Examine explicit strategies and techniques that can be applied to create an overall "structural cognitive change” in patients with developmental and/or neurological impairments. Determine evidence-based techniques, strategies, and interventions for all levels of cognitive deficits. Summarize the components of a defensible, skilled goal and determine what medically defines a skilled from a non-skilled intervention.                                                 On Demand  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD COURSE BROCHURE CONTACT NAME: Customer Service Department
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Course Type: Self Study
Instructional Level: Intermediate
Intended Audience: PT, PTA, Healthcare professionals
CE Contact Hours: 6
Course Approval: IPTA Approval # 75-4752

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